Privacy Policy for Android App

Note that does not collect personal data nor pass such data to a third party. In particular no contact or calendar data will be transmitted.

Read below what each permission is needed for:

  • Draw over other apps
    Needed to show caller identification in lock-screen.
  • Location
    Needed to sort the phone directory results by distance and for using the current position in the services Meteo, Timetable, Map and Routing.
  • Read contact data
    Used in Caller ID for finding out whether the caller already exists in your contacts in which case no lookup in the phone directory is needed.
  • Write contact data, Your accounts
    Needed for the "save contact" function in the phone book.
  • Read phone state and identity
    Essential for caller ID.
  • Read call log
    This is used for the feature to search numbers from the call history
  • Automatically start at boot
    Necessary for caller ID to work after a reboot.
  • 'Do not disturb'
    In order to mute callcenter calls, the app needs your permission to activate 'Do Not Disturb' during such calls.